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Fri, Mar. 28th, 2008, 01:49 pm

Shit I just typed up a whole entry a really long one and then accidentally deleted it all! man i am pissed!!1


i dont know where to start
i have to go soon so im going to make this entry much shorter than i was intending

anyone remember me?

ok...well the reason im on LJ is becuase I miss some friends of mine. expecially Leslie and Dee.
The reason I havent been on LJ is becuase basically my entries were really depressing and a lot of my live revolved around the internet and people i knew online. some of those people werent so good for me. my life has taken a turn over the past year and im now online a lot less these days. this is good for me, but i really do miss a lot of people...

lets see...i got a boyfriend back in july. i enjoy spending time with him and miss him (he goes to school in maryland and i go to school now in New Jersey) but sometimes he can be an asshole to me. since the summer however his group of friends have become my friends as well and i love to go back to maryland and for once have people to socialize with.

im still 5'1'' even though my new years resolution was to grow 5 inches...

like i said, i dont get on LJ much anymore but i do use facebook so please if you have one...add me and if you dont you should think about getting one.

i got to run. this entry was a whole lot longer before i stupidly deleted the whole thing. i will probably check and reply to any comments but may not be back here for some time.

i miss you all and hope everyone is doing well


Sat, Mar. 29th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)

"im still 5'1'' even though my new years resolution was to grow 5 inches..."
That made me giggle :)

Good to hear that things are on the up for you hun, and if LJ isn't healthy for you, then we understand. See you on FB chica ;)

Sun, Mar. 30th, 2008 02:47 am (UTC)

aww things arent exactly on the top but they are defintly different for me now. i explained more in detail before accidentally deleting the whole thing. *hugs yol*