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Wed, Oct. 5th, 2005, 08:43 am

The Night Rain

Sowing in mascara tinted tears; a surface of cloudy coal soaks in the sorrow.
Silence reaped the cries from the air, and stored them in the waters.
Cascading like shooting stars, with lights that have died inside
Yet beautiful through eyes that have never seen colour.

A tarnished world is making music—with not a soul to hear its song.
As the spiral dance releases vocals; disposing drops of smoke formed tears.
Echoing ballads fill the air and elating energy flies into the seas,
But no one can see them, since souls never cared

For all light has died; all love has died; a slow death
In droplets of lusterless melodies—one by one
As eyelids blink revealing the raining somber song
As each drowned to the water; to never be found again.